Simplus specialises in creating customised financial information communications, in both text and video format, for its clients, to facilitate them reaching their target audience, which can be delivered via traditional and new media channels.


Simplus writes articles and makes videos on finance, business and economy that people enjoy and understand.

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Target Audience

What does Simplus do?

* yes, we know our poetry sucks. Trust us, we write much better prose, see our content on Yahoo! Finance.

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For queries call Tanvi at +(91) 91677 27880


Drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.

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Dipakk Srivastava

Supervising Producer

Virpal Zala

Virpal Zala

Animation Team Leader


Dhruti Shukla

Animator, Social Media Associate

Nammika Giddi

Animator, Graphic Artist

Amit Kaushal

Animator, Video Editor

Sandhya Kanan

Web Content Producer

Work with us

We are actively looking to hire great team members for the following positions
  • Account Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • Finance writers
  • Script Writers
  • 2D-Animators and Motion Graphic Artists

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