Just another relationship story…. Really?

Your relationship with money barely fails. You move from the childhood to teenage. From the teenage to the adulthood. From there to the middle-age, old age, and retirement. The only consistent factor you got here is money.

The magnitude of your need may vary with age. But, money is there to play some role at every stage in your life.

In your lifetime, you reach multiple crossroads due to money.

For most people, more money means more happiness. The pursuit of happiness leads to the pursuit of more money. A lot of spiritual gurus or elders would explain that we often confuse pleasure with happiness. Money is largely bringing pleasure to you.

However, this is not a spiritual place. It is a place where we talk about the relationship with money.

A defined pursuit of money in a legitimate way is something we stand for. It is your fundamental right to secure your future and that of your loved ones.

Having said that, the path towards your diverse financial goals is fraught with challenges.

The amount of information that you have to read and digest is no little.

We are in an unbelievable information era. This would not be an understatement. According to one statistic, the amount of data created in 2017 equals that created in the past 5,000 years!

Just read the amount of financial dose that comes your way each day. There is the internet, your daily newspaper, there is television news and mobile alerts from all of them. Besides this, your bank, your stockbroker, your mutual fund, your insurance company and many more other people try to grab your attention. They promise knowledge that will make you a smart investor, smart saver and everything smart.

Here is a typical chain of thoughts and realisation at various stage of our lives:

·         To earn money, you got to have an income. A regular income. A legitimate income.

·         Earning is not enough. You need to start saving and putting aside money for your future needs.

·         Saving is not enough. You need to start investing.

·         Investing means knowing more about finance, stock markets, economy, companies, interest rates and more such things.

·         Finance is a black hole and you have no clue about navigating that black hole.

·         Assuming you have jumped to learn a lot about putting your money to work, you are constantly asking everyone around. ‘Where to invest?’ ‘What to buy and sell?’ ‘Is it the right time to buy?’ and so on.

It is an endless pursuit of things that are full of numbers, strategies, knowledge, and learning and much more.

We do not know what is the right stuff for you. What we know is that we want to listen to you and strike a conversation.

At Simplus, our name suggests simplicity. Our endeavor is to write about things you are asking about, keeping your interest in mind. We are not here to sell any insurance policy or a mutual fund or a bank account to you.

We are here to talk to you about your relationship with money. We are here to explain things. Our writers are trained to make complex stuff simple. We are not writing for brands. We are not going to recommend one fund over the other or one insurance scheme over the other.

Our posts are created to partner you in your journey in the complex world of money. These posts may not stay confined to finance or the complex blackhole we mentioned above. They are about your problems and ways to deal with them.

At the heart of every post that we put out going forward, rest assured that it is you who is at the centre stage.

So here is a warm invitation to you to express yourself!